Tweets: Russia…Invasion Ukraine…Vulnerability Nuclear Power stations…we all know what happened in Chernobyl; Fukishima …; a young woman, brave, courageous and similar to Greta Thunberg taking her lone self to attract the attention of others of like mind to stand together against the aggressor, the wolf, the bear who all fear, two decades and a man, who was in FSB is now a warlord with a revisionist history that sees himself as an Emperor and imperialist. The Emperor’s New Clothes. The time has come for the children to teach us by telling the TRUTH.

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Brave girl on Red Square, Moscow. She could get 15 years jail for this sign: “Russian occupants systematically raped 25 Ukrainian girls, aged 14-24, in Bucha. 9 are now pregnant. This is not war – this is crime. We have the right to protest per Art. 31 Russian Constitution.”



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