Now Kildare, is the County, of Robberies, and Assaults on Women, too many Innocent people, being Assaulted, across Ireland, at present?

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Two suspects arrested after women assaulted and robbed following night out in Kildare

– Yesterday 15:22

Two suspects have been arrested today after two women were viciously assaulted and robbed in a 4am attack in Co Kildare as they made their way home after a night out.

The women aged 47 and 42 are said to be “shaken but making a good recovery” after the incident that unfolded on Dublin Road, Athy, in the early hours of Saturday, August 20.

The women were approached by two masked men who threatened them before assaulting the females and making off with their handbags which contained their mobile phones, cash and bank cards.

The 47-year-old woman was pulled to the ground and punched in the robbery while the younger woman suffered less serious injuries in the incident.

“The suspects had their faces covered and they had hoodies on while a few hundred euro in cash as well as the other items were stolen in this theft,” a senior source said, describing it as a “very unpleasant experience to say the least” for the victims.

The two women who live in the Athy locality did not require hospital treatment after their ordeal which became the subject of a major investigation by local gardai.

This led to the arrests of the suspects today – a local criminal and his associate, both in their 30s.

Both suspects suffer from serious drug addiction issues and are being held this afternoon at Kildare and Athy Garda stations.

Sources say that the older suspect is especially well known to gardai and is considered volatile – he has a number of previous convictions for drug related crime.

It is understood that CCTV played a major role in the arrests which are being described as “very significant on a local level.”

Gardai have not ruled out whether the same suspects were involved in a similar incident that happened in Newbridge, Co Kildare, at 3.30am the following morning.

In that case a man in his early 20’s was returning home when he was approached by two males who were dressed in black in St Dominic’s Park.

The victim was punched a number of times by the assailants who escaped the scene with his wallet.

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