Tucker is finally, Caught, in Cork, Wanted back in America, there must be, around 70,000, Here, using False Names. They all come, to Soft Touch, Ireland?

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Man who spent years on the run in Ireland after US death crash is jailed for 11 years

Records say Samuel Tucker lived under an assumed name and lied about his identity when he was approached by Irish authorities

Samuel Tucker
Samuel Tucker

Yesterday at 14:16

A man who spent years on the run in Ireland has been sentenced to 11 years in Florida State Prison after he was extradited to face charges over an horrific 2017 crash that killed a woman.

Samuel Tucker (22) was driving at 140mph on June 24 when he crashed his black, four-door sedan into a utility pole and a fence that then flipped over multiple times, killing his 22-year-old passenger Alyssa Vice.

Investigators say his blood alcohol level at the time was twice the legal limit.

According to court documents Tucker had to be treated at a hospital, but fled to Cork when he was released.

Records say Tucker lived under an assumed name and lied about his identity when he was approached by Irish authorities.

Tucker fought his extradition through the Irish courts, but Assistant State Attorney Victoria Avalon, with assistance from the US Department of Justice, US Marshalls, and the Highland County Sheriff’s Office, had Tucker returned to the United States.

In February 2019, The US Marshall Service brought Tucker back to Highland County to face charges of DUI manslaughter and DUI with property damage.

Tucker, now 27, entered a negotiated “best interest” plea this month to the second-degree felony of DUI manslaughter, that allowed him to plead guilty without fully accepting responsibility for the crime.

Tucker faced a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison but a judge finally sentenced him this month to 11 years in Florida State Prison followed by four years of probation.

Linda McCartney, Alyssa’s mother, said her daughter “was my sunshine from the day she was born”.

“Just smart and kind-hearted,” Linda McCartney said. “We just loved her. And we miss her.”


Deputies say Samuel Tucker was driving too fast, reaching speeds upwards of 140 miles per hour before he hit a curve on State Road 17 near San Juan Avenue in Avon Park, crashing into a power pole at around 3.30am that morning.

“You get a knock on the door at eight in the morning and there is a state trooper standing there with an ID of your daughter,” recalled Alyssa’s father, Roger McCartney.

“I walk around every day with something missing,” Linda McCartney said. “Just like if I had lost my hand, I am missing part of me. And, I’m missing all the futures I held onto, things for her wedding day I won’t get to do.”

Speaking after Tucker was returned to the US, Linda said: “It was a comfort but it wasn’t that huge happiness I thought I would feel, I guess, because I know it’s not over. It’s just starting.

“These are very dangerous machines and distracted, whether you’re drinking and driving, or texting, you’re not invincible. Bad things can happen,” Linda said.

“Tomorrow’s not promised. We found out the hard way,” Roger McCartney added.

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