I Spy, with my little Eye, a Sinner, well, we must Wait and See, the Tape?

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Alleged voyeurism victim took video of priest accused of spying on her court hears

Father McCann is accused of voyeurism on March 28 this year

Father Aidan Patrick McCann
Father Aidan Patrick McCann

3rd September 2022 13:37

A voyeurism complainant took a video of the priest accused of spying on her in a changing room, a court heard today.

During a brief mention of the case against 35-year-old Father Aidan Patrick McCann at Craigavon Magistrates Court, a prosecuting lawyer lamented that “there’s still no decision papers.”

When District Judge Greg McCourt asked for an explanation, the lawyer revealed the “difficulty relates to obtaining video footage from the injured party that was outstanding”.

“That has been received by the police this week so it’s making its way to the prosecution and hopefully a decision will follow in short order,” said the lawyer, applying for the case to be adjourned for a month.

Father McCann, with an address at the parochial house on Maddens Row in Keady, is accused of voyeurism on March 28 this year in that “for the purpose of sexual gratification, he observed a female doing a private act knowing that the other person did not consent to being observed for your sexual gratification”.

None of the alleged facts surrounding the offence have been opened in court but it is understood the charge arises following an alleged incident involving a female at a changing room in Rushmere shopping centre, just across the road from the court.


With the defence solicitor asking for a “tighter check” to be kept on the case as it was now six months old, DJ McCourt adjourned the case to September 23.

Father McCann was ordained as a priest in July 2015 and serves in the Armagh Diocese/

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