Not Tired anymore, the Sheikh Monk Hutch, is Sleeping in his Monk’s Cell, enjoying his daily Porridge, and Prayers?

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Did ‘The Monk’ just get tired of running?

While insiders debate his motives, last week’s capture of the murder suspect is a big win for gardaí 

Gerry Hutch in fancy dress in 2007
Gerry Hutch in 1999 after settling his €1.2m tax bill with the State. At a High Court hearing in 1999, a CAB officer said Hutch was suspected of leading the gang that robbed an armoured van of £1.7m in 1987 and a £3m robbery in 1995

Gerry Hutch in fancy dress in 2007

August 15 2021 02:30 AM

    The arrest of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch in Spain following four months on the run came as a result of gardaí knowing where the crime boss was hiding out.

    Well-placed sources told the Sunday Independent that intelligence received several weeks ago provided information linking the 58-year-old to the Costa del Sol.

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