One Devious Paedophile, still Lurking, any chance he Gets; Pat Corcoran? Former Civil Servant?

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Irish Antifa led by a Convicted Paedophile

Irish Antifa led by a Convicted Paedophile

Irish Antifa are led by a convicted paedophile. Be wary of them. Keep kids away says Hermann Kelly of The Irish Freedom Party.

So the founder and leader of Antifa in Ireland is a convicted paedophile.

Former civil servant Pat Corcoran pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2013 of having over 7,000 images and 23 videos of sexually abused children on his computer stated in this Irish Independent article. He also pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography images in 87 A4 brown envelopes at his former home.

But Antifa needed his back for his organisational skills and he is now head of the Antifa fold again. Read the Kilkenny Journal article.

Corcoran was many times seen out canvassing for Abortion on Demand in Dublin city centre. He is also returned to the various lefty campaigns for more refugees.

In one of the photos he is standing beside Trotskyite ‘People before Profit’ TD Richard Boyd-Barrett. PBP have tried a few times to ring up hotels to bully them into cancelling Irish Freedom Party events around the country.

Anyway as Antifa in Ireland were started and again led by a convicted paedophile we believe they should change their name to Pantifa. We also suggest a new logo – see below.

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