The Cold Case, of the Unsolved Murder, in West Cork, is going Steady, while Bailey, keeps Fighting, with people on Twitter, Why, the Madness?

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SINÉAD O’CONNOR has warned murder suspect Ian Bailey that gardaí will be watching “every word” and “every lie” that comes out of his mouth after she arranged to hand over unseen footage of their interview.

The two met outside a restaurant in Co. Cork last week to discuss, among other things, Bailey’s alleged involvement in the death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier, as part of an interview for the Irish Sunday Independent.

Ms O’Connor recorded their lengthy chat on her iPhone, a clip of which she shared on her Twitter page on Thursday.

“I have made arrangements with gardaí to hand over the footage. They requested I did not hand that over in the public arena because it will become part of the investigation,” Sinéad said.

“I didn’t give the footage to the Sunday Independent because when I spoke to gardaí, their attitude was they would like to see it before deciding for themselves whether or not they want to make it public.”

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5/5 Once again, your own sister, Kay, said that your dad was glad to see the back of you when you moved out of Chosen, and moved into Alfred’s Way. It would appear you only impress vulnerable women with your manufactured gloss – men see right through you!

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