Turf War, still Looms, Browne, a former Brit Soldier; there seems to be, a number of Former Brits, in the Irish Gangland, hopefully, the People of Finglas, Decent people, will get their little Town Back?

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‘Mr Flashy’ associate Scott Capper disciplined in jail after getting caught drinking with Kinahan criminal

Capper is in more trouble as he lashed out as officers were removing him.

Scott Capper
Scott Capper

Scott Capper


Jailed gangland criminal Scott Capper is facing disciplinary proceedings in Mountjoy Prison after he became violent to officers following a prison booze up.

Capper (28) – an enforcer for the Mr. Flashy gang – was drinking contraband whiskeys and beers with Kinahan member Glen Thompson in his cell on C-Wing last Friday when they were discovered by officers.

When efforts were made to remove the pair from the cell, and confiscate the alcohol that had been smuggled into the prison, Capper is understood to have lashed out at officers.

The incident led to both Capper and Thompson being placed in close observation cells in another part of the prison.

Sources say both Capper and Thompson will also face disciplinary proceedings over the smuggled alcohol but Capper is in more trouble as he lashed out as officers were removing him.

Glen Thompson

Glen Thompson

The Indo Daily: The Family, King Ratt, and Flashy’s ‘Gucci Gang’: Nicola Tallant on the rival Dublin gangs moving in on Kinahan turf

Scott Capper is considered the right-hand-man and a key enforcer on the outside for the Finglas drugs boss nicknamed ‘Mr Flashy’.

The 28-year-old, who was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison last July for stealing a €50,000 cashbox from a security guard, mixes freely with the Kinahan inmates, who treat him as one of their own.

Glen Thompson and his brother Gary (37), both from Finglas, were two members of a three-man “hit for hire” gang” that targeted Patrick ‘Patsy’ Hutch.

They pleaded guilty at the Special Criminal Court in July 2019 to unlawful possession of four firearms with intent to endanger life at Belmont Hall Apartments, Gardiner Street in Dublin on March 10, 2018.

The third member of the gang, a former British army soldier, Robert Browne (37) received an 11½ year jail sentence for his role in the crime.

The three-armed men were caught ‘red-handed’ just 250 metres from the home of their intended target as they were about to carry out his murder.

Kinahan cartel-linked gangsters, such as Capper and Thompson, are now the controlling force within the criminal population in Mountjoy Prison.

Scott Capper

Scott Capper

Backed up by Eastern European criminals provided by Polish cage-fighter Leszek Sychulec and a number of the killer’s countrymen – Kinahan gunman Trevor Byrne, gang quartermaster Graham Gardiner, the Thompsons and Brown wield power over the prison’s inmates.

Other high-profile inmates linked to the cartel include money launderer Graham ‘the Wig’ Whelan, and Glenn Holland, who is serving six-and-a-half years for possession of guns and drugs.

The gang’s ranks behind bars in Mountjoy also include Declan ‘Mr Nobody’ Brady, who is being housed in the prison’s Progression Unit.

Cartel criminals control the flow of drugs into the prison and were responsible for the largest-ever consignment of contraband smuggled into an Irish prison in a food truck two years ago.

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