Tweets – 3rd September 2022: We must not waiver in our support for Ukraine; recommend wise words from former President Gorbachev, the day of his funeral.

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The farewell ceremony for Mikhail #Gorbachev began in #Moscow.




#Lavrov and a delegation of #Russian diplomats were denied visas to travel to the #UnitedStates to attend the #UN General Assembly.



Glasnost Gone Retweeted

Boris Ruge


Clear message: Foreign Minister of Germany


on her determination to stand with #Ukraine regardless of the political turbulence that lies ahead. This being the full version, not the manipulated snippets spread around by Russian disinfo


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Ukrainska Pravda in English


In three days, two #Bayraktar drones destroy nearly $27 million of Russian hardware


Mikhail Khodorkovsky (English) Retweeted

Steve Rosenberg


3rd September 2022

“There is only a moment between the past & the future. That moment we call life.” As a tribute to Mikhail Gorbachev, I play one of his favourite songs: There is only a moment.




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