Fianna Fail, a Party with No Identity, Labour Struggling to Exist, SF rising High, yet the FF Backbenchers, sit like Cowed Sheep, waiting to be Sheared??

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POLL – Dáil ÉireannIreland Thinks / Sunday Independent SF: 36% (+1) Septrmber 4 th 2022.
FG: 21% (-1)
FF: 16% (-1)
PBP-S: 5% (+1)
SD: 4% (nc)
LP: 3% (nc)
AÚ: 3% (nc)
GP: 2% (-2)
I/O: 11% (+2)September 2022
+/- August 2022— Next Irish General Election (@NextIrishGE) September 3, 2022 Interesting some of the movement amongst smaller groupings and indeed the continuing support for Independents/Others. As Paul notes the combinations of government coalitions appear limited on these numbers.

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