‘Don’t break up Britain!’ Foreign Secretary Cleverly tasked with tackling EU over Brexit. Source: EXPRESS. Daily Briefing

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‘Don’t break up Britain!’ Foreign Secretary Cleverly tasked with tackling EU over Brexit

JAMES Cleverly has been tasked with taking the fight to the EU and Remainers in Parliament to stop their bid of breaking up Britain after he was named Foreign Secretary.

By David Maddox – Political Editor

19:15, Tue, Sep 6, 2022 | UPDATED: 19:30, Tue, Sep 6, 2022

Liz Truss: MPs arrive at No.10 as PM builds Cabinet

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Liz Truss has appointed Mr Cleverly as her new Foreign Secretary after he served as her deputy and Europe minister when she held the high office. He takes the job as the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill designed to stop the UK being broken up goes to the Lords with a Remainer majority in the Upper House poised to try to block it.

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Mr Cleverly, who served as Education Secretary over the summer, has been given the task of standing up to the EU in the ongoing Brexit discussions on Northern Ireland but also attempting to charm the USA.

A former party chairman he is known for his straightforward style gaining fame by doing a “snog, marry and avoid” segment on live radio not long after he was first elected to be the MP for Braintree.

But he will need to use his diplomatic skills to win back the US Government’s friendship.

Relations with America, Britain’s most important ally, have strained since Joe Biden became President in 2020.

His opposition to Brexit and reports that he personally disliked Boris Johnson because of comments made about Barack Obama by the former Prime Minister has tarnished the Special Relationship.

Meanwhile, President Biden is also close to the powerful Irish lobby and has made it clear he would oppose attempts to tackle the protocol.

James Cleverly

James Cleverly has been appointed Foreign Secretary (Image: GETTY)

Perhaps the biggest challenge will be French President Emmanuel Macron after Ms Truss said “the jury was out” on whether he is a friend or foe of Britain.

A poll by Express.co.uk showed that a majority of voters agreed with Ms Truss including a majority of Remainers.

In a packed inbox Mr Cleverly will also be responsible for overseeing British diplomatic policy regarding the Ukraine War.

While the international coalition has held firm so far pressure from rising energy bills means that it could falter.

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