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Thug who helped Kinahan cartel murder Real IRA boss Vinnie Ryan knifed in prison

  • 7:00, 5 Sep 2022

A THUG who helped the Kinahan cartel murder Real IRA boss Vinnie Ryan has been knifed in prison.

Notorious criminal ­Jeffrey Morrow, 39, was stabbed a number of times by a lone attacker in Mountjoy last week.

Jeffrey Morrow, 39
Jeffrey Morrow, 39Credit: Collins

It follows the murder of Robert O’Connor, 34, inside the Dublin jail last month.

It’s understood Morrow was taken to hospital after the attack but his injuries are not life-threatening.

The ­incident was reported to the Gardai and will be probed in line with prison procedures.

The prisoner who attacked Morrow has been identified by the authorities.

He is a known burglar with a history of violence and a drug addiction.
Morrow is serving a 11-year sentence for his part in republican hardman Vinnie Ryan’s death.

He was originally charged with murder and pleaded not guilty but the charge was later dropped.

He instead admitted to the lesser charge of helping a criminal group — the Kinahan cartel — carry out the February 2016 murder.

Morrow and associate Paul O Beirne pleaded guilty to stealing and destroying the VW Golf used in the hit.

Morrow had previously served his sentence in the Midlands Prison but was moved to Mountjoy after he got involved in one or two incidents at the Portlaoise jail.

He has more than 120 ­criminal convictions and has so far served three years.

It is still not known what the motive of the attack was.

A prison source said: “We are ­trying to get to the ­bottom of who was behind this incident.

“It is very rare for a Kinahan gang member to be attacked in Mountjoy.

“Somebody is annoyed over something. He was lucky his injuries were not more serious.

“I would not rule out the Real IRA having something to do with it.”

Vinnie Ryan was a brother of Real IRA leader Alan Ryan who was executed in 2012.

Vinnie was killed after he dropped his girlfriend Kelly Smyth, the mum of his then five-week-old daughter home.

A few seconds later he was shot 13 times by a gunman with an automatic pistol as he sat in his car.

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