Be Aware: Ships off the coast? Have we storage? The Reality of Markets: “China’s top energy firms are sending natural gas to European nations struggling with Russia’s supply cuts. Where is our common sense now as we talk about “Black-Outs” … candles once again and in winter

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7th September 2022

Meme of the day “China is selling “Russian” Natural Gas back to Europe…”  #gas #pipeline #russia #politic #naturalgas #ukraine #china




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Worst for Ukraine to fall in to this trap Here is a good meme.





Chad Ukraine #memes #meme



Oleksiy Sorokin


For ten years I heard Europeans repeating the chant “Russia will not use gas a weapon.” It’s officially a weapon. Shocking! Russia halts gas supplies to Europe until western sanctions lifted Gazprom previously said it was halting flows through Nord Stream 1 because of a technical fault


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