Savage, Brutal, Terrifying war imposed by Russian Federation upon Ukraine…

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Operator Starsky


8th September 2022

The body of British civilian volunteer Paul Ury, captured by russian terrorists, has been returned from Donetsk. Apparently, Mr. Ury was tortured in captivity and his body had numerous parts missing. My deepest condolences to his friends and relatives…



perator Starsky


Remember Sasha Filipchuk, little girl who lost her arm due to the russian fire in Bucha? She received a free robotised prosthetic arm from the American clinic “Unlimited Tomorrow” (New-York). She’ll spend some time learning how to operate her new arm but I’m sure she can make it!





8th September 2022

Historical video The first conversation between Emmanuel Macron and Volodymyr Zelenskyy immediately after the beginning of the Russian full-scale invasion of #Ukraine on February 24.


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