Biden pulls rug from under Xi and Putin with TWO masterplans to scupper China and Russia. Source: EXPRESS. The Daily Briefing

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Biden pulls rug from under Xi and Putin with TWO masterplans to scupper China and Russia

US PRESIDENT Joe Biden has stepped up his plans to scupper superpowers China and Russia with two new masterplans.

By Rebecca Perring

10:30, Thu, Sep 8, 2022 | UPDATED: 11:58, Thu, Sep 8, 2022

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China despot Xi Jinping and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin have been dealt heavy blows by Mr Biden as the American leader works to weaken his enemies. On Thursday, Mr Biden approved an additional $675million (£587million) in weapons to Ukraine as Russia’s raging war continues.

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During a meeting to discuss how to continue supporting Ukraine in the long-term in countering Russia’s illegal invasion, Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said countries could work together to train Ukrainian forces and improve their own defence industrial bases for the long-haul.

Mr Austin said: “This contact group needs to position itself to sustain Ukraine’s brave defenders for the long haul.

“That means a continued and determined flow of capability now.”


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US President Joe Biden has delivered blows to Russia and China’s president (Image: GETTY )


Joe Biden is working to weaken his enemies (Image: GETTY )

The conflict has settled into a war of attrition fought primarily in eastern and southern Ukraine.

The latest US package will include more ammunitions, humvees and anti-tank systems.

Washington has already provided more than $10 billion in military assistance to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s government since Russian troops illegally invaded on February 24.

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