The War in Ukraine. Source: The Democracy Brief

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Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges’ first video in a series on the war in Ukraine is available, and The Democracy Brief returns James Lewis Sep 8.

I am happy to introduce RDI’s first episode of General Ben Hodges’ analysis of the war in Ukraine, which you can watch here. This series, in collaboration with New Debate and retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, will offer strategic analysis of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Hodges’ insights include the role that morale and logistics play during wartime, the strong strategic position Ukraine currently finds itself in, and the urgency of supplying additional western weapons to help Ukraine maintain its momentum.

This week, Hodges offers perspective on the last few months of the conflict and where it stands today. Here is an excerpt: “We know from history that war is a test of logistics and it’s a test of wills. Whoever has the better logistics, and whoever has a stronger will, will inevitably win. Russia’s logistics system is exhausted. They don’t have the ability now to launch a new offensive of their own. In fact, they are barely holding on to the territory that they’ve already captured. Their rear area is unsecure. Russian airfields are now being hit almost every day. Russian ammunition storage sites are being hit almost every day. Their lines of communication are vulnerable, airfields, even in Crimea, are vulnerable. The Sanctions are also taking their toll. Russia can no longer replace the precision weapons that they have employed because they need components which must be imported. Those are no longer available. So while they may seem to have millions of artillery rounds, they are running out of precision weapons, which they have been using against apartment buildings and residential areas, as well as port facilities. […]These are manifestations of Russia’s logistical system, which was never designed to be able to do what it’s having to do now, being exhausted. The Ukrainian logistics system gets a little bit stronger each week as the Russian logistics system gets a little bit weaker.”Watch the full video here.

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