Tweets: 9th September 2022

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Володимир Зеленський


Ukraine government official

From the first day of the full-scale invasion, the war is no longer the women’s or men’s business. It is the business of the citizens. 5K Ukrainian women are defending  on a frontline;


on women’s contribution to the joint victor


Visegrád 24


Isolate it.



Defense of Ukraine


Ukraine government organization


Today, Ukrainian service members have liberated the town of Balakliya, Kharkiv region.


Ben Hodges


Ukraine will retake Crimea within a year, former U.S. Europe general says

Ukraine will retake Crimea within a year, former U.S. Europe general says

“The supposed second-best army in the world is now the second-best army in Ukraine,” said the former commanding general of the United 


Ben Hodges Retweeted

Renew Democracy Initiative


Check out General Ben Hodges’

@general_ben battlefield analysis in the first 1st episode of our incisive video series with

@NewDebateInc. Fred Bassett recomends this


Julia Davis


More Orwellian moments, where the Kremlin’s top propagandists pretend that Russia begged for the West not to start this war (which Russia started after every Western leader urged Putin not to invade Ukraine).


Business Ukraine mag


“Partial genocide is not an option.” There can be no compromise peace between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine will either be victorious or will cease to exist – and the Ukrainians know it

There can be no compromise between Russian genocide and Ukrainian freedom

Calls for a negotiated peace settlement in Ukraine fail to recognize that Russia’s imperial ambitions and the Kremlin’s genocidal objectives 


Maria Avdeeva


Russia is running out of manpower and is sending school-age soldiers to Ukraine. These documents were issued for soldiers born in 2002, 2002 and 2003.




============= Ukraine at war


The ship of the Naval Forces of Romania almost blew up on a drifting mine in the Black Sea.

A drifting mine nearly blew up a ship of the Romanian Navy in the Black Sea

A Romanian ship encountered a drifting mine in the Black Sea


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