Anyone out there who supports a Basic Income? Source: Income Movement.

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Hi Fred

We often talk about the movement for basic income as a marathon, not a sprint. Persistence is critical to change. But with continuing inflation, political volatility and the effects of climate change constantly making headlines, there is a lot we all are dealing with. It can make it hard to keep pace with the marathon. In these times, we turn to our community for inspiration.

This week, we have been reading thoughts from our grassroots community about why they’re in this fight for basic income. We wanted to share some here with you:

If you are feeling inspired and want to tell us about it, respond to this email or sign the I Support Basic Income Open Letter, if you haven’t already, and leave a note where you add your name: here.

We hope this email finds you and your loved ones healthy and well.

In community,

Income Movement Team

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