Life Sentence, should mean, at least 20 Years? Nadine, too young, to Die?

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Monster who took my girl should spend life in prison, says mum of tragic Nadine Lott

  • 8:00, 11 Sep 2022

THE mum of tragic beautician Nadine Lott insisted her daughter’s killer should die behind bars — as she welcomed plans for minimum jail terms.

Heartbroken Claire Lott told of her sorrow that tougher laws weren’t in place when depraved Daniel Murtagh, 34, was sentenced for slaying her girl Nadine, 30.

Beautician Nadine had the world at her feet before she was murdered
Beautician Nadine had the world at her feet before she was murdered
Nadine's mum has said Murtagh should spend the rest of his life in prison
Nadine’s mum has said Murtagh should spend the rest of his life in prisonCredit: Padraig O’Reilly – Commissioned by The Sun Dublin

Her plea came after Justice Minister Helen McEntee revealed plans which would see convicted murderers forced to serve up to 30 years before applying for parole.

Murtagh, of Clondalkin, Dublin, can make a bid to get out after 12 years following his “prolonged and evil” attack on Nadine in front of her daughter Kya, then six.

In an exclusive interview with the Irish Sun on Sunday, Claire said it is murder victims’ families left with a “lifetime of pain”.

She added: “In our case it is not a true life sentence — life should mean life.


My granddaughter fears she will be killed by her dad,  Nadine Lott's mum says



I still expect my angel to walk in door, says Nadine Lott's heartbroken mum

“The evil monster who forced our daughter from this life in the severest of pain and terror imaginable should spend the rest of his life in prison.

“There was no legislation for him to receive a minimum tariff when he was sentenced.

“The imposition of a minimum tariff with mandatory sentencing on levels of severity would be hugely welcomed by our family.”

She added: “If legislation for minimum tariffs had been in place last year, that monster would not have been able to apply for parole after 12 years.

“The fact he can appeal is his way of attempting to cause further trauma to our family.

“It’s unbelievable this is allowed within our system when a trial found him guilty.

“Again he has a window of opportunity and our family face the pain of opened wounds.”

Murtagh — caged for life last October — is currently banged up at Midlands Prison, where he was moved amid threats from other cons at Dublin’s Wheatfield Prison.

He’s shown no remorse for killing Nadine at her home in Arklow, Co Wicklow, in December 2019.

The Government’s new plans were also welcomed by the dad of Ciara Campbell, who was murdered in front of her child.

She was just 22 when she was stabbed 27 times by maniac Gordon Molloy, 35, at her home in Co Carlow on November 12, 2007.

Her dad Michael said: “This is something that we have been calling for over a long period of time.

“However we also believe that if individuals commit extreme forms of violence on innocent people, they should remain in prison for the rest of their lives.”

Evil killer Daniel Murtagh
Evil killer Daniel Murtagh

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