Question, if this Smoking Weed Doctor, was, ordinary Joe Bloggs, from Finglas, Would he Get this Chance, Not a Hope; Why the Selective Justice here? Many people, know, this Doctor, Unnamed, and Multiple Driving Offences? Why, with Respect to Judge Barniville, a very Fair Judge here? Why?

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Judge gives doctor ‘last chance’ after gardaí catch him driving in scrubs under influence of cannabis

Medic receives positive references for work as surgical registrar

President of the High Court, Justice David Barniville

President of the High Court, Justice David Barniville

September 11 2022 02:30 AM

The President of the High Court has refused a Medical Council application to suspend a doctor — who is facing prison after a series of driving offences, and was caught driving in surgical scrubs while in possession and under the influence of cannabis.

Judge David Barniville said that by the “finest margin possible” he would use his discretion to allow the unnamed surgical registrar to give undertakings to avoid bad behaviour instead of suspending him. The judge said its was the doctor’s “last chance”, and he will review the order on October 7.

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