World Energy Crisis but what about Ireland who decided to move away from being oil/gas source to dependency on Shell Corrib for 10 years (30%), UK for the remainder. Cannot recommend enough article in Sunday Independent by David Horgan “Ireland sleep-walking into an energy crisis worse than the 1970’s”. This is an agenda for action … Before the Budget the politicians need to chew over this and come up with some solutions to a pending crisis of chaos in Ireland.

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Some real common sense from David Horgan in the Sunday


today. Let’s be green but let’s also be sensible to what we can do and the risks of our governments inaction


Recommend:  this article from the Sunday Independent by David Horgan 11th September 2022


Links and Tweets. We have no time to Wallow…Action is essential now. Energy is Energy and winter is cold and businesses will close. Links should be of interest below:

Ibrahim Ali


Who owns Ireland’s Oil wealth? Ireland enshrines into law ban on new oil and gas exploration

Doesn’t make sense?



Quick Take: Ukraine gains; Russia to escalate

While the news about Queen Elizabeth’s passing has captured hearts and minds, the big news on the battlefield grabbing everyone’s attention is Ukraine, says Ian Bremmer. The Ukrainians have retaken a significant amount of territory with counterattacks, claiming back several thousand square kilometers and watching the Russian frontlines melt away. The big problem for Moscow? It can’t get a lot more troops without a nationwide draft, which would mean admitting that the country is at “war.”

There could be retaliation in the form of missiles against city centers, such as Kyiv and Lviv, but that wouldn’t change the reality on the ground. There is also the possibility of Russia using weapons of mass destruction.

Watch Ian’s Quick Take here.

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