A Brave Woman, Serious Whip Charges here?

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Sulky rider allegedly lashed woman with whip when she confronted him over treatment of horse

 – 9h ago

A SULKY rider horsewhipped a woman when she confronted him over his treatment of a horse on a Dublin street, it has been alleged.

Daryl Howe (26) is accused of turning the whip on the woman when she asked him to stop using it on his horse.

She was lashed once across the back, leaving her in pain and with a red mark, it was alleged.

Mr Howe pleaded not guilty and the case against him was adjourned when he appeared in Dublin District Court.

The accused, with an address at Croftwood Gardens, Ballyfermot, is charged with assault causing harm to the woman. He is also charged with producing a horse whip which was capable of inflicting serious injury “in a manner likely unlawfully to intimidate another” while committing an assault in the course of a dispute.

The offences are alleged to have happened on Ballyfermot Road on April 30 last year.

Mr Howe is denying both charges.

A garda sergeant told Judge John Hughes the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) consented to the case being dealt with at district court level subject to jurisdiction being accepted.

Outlining the allegations, he said the alleged victim made an assault complaint to gardaí. She said she had been walking on the Ballyfermot Road when she saw two sulkies being driven by males. She asked one of the men on the sulkies to stop whipping the horse.

“She was whipped once on the back with the horse whip,” the sergeant said.

This caused the woman pain and left her with a red mark on her back, it was alleged.

Judge Hughes asked if there was a medical report or photographs of the woman’s injuries. The sergeant said neither was available as the woman did not need medical attention.

“She told him to stop whipping the horse and he whipped her?” the judge asked, and the sergeant confirmed this was the allegation.

Judge Hughes said he would accept jurisdiction for the case to remain in the district court.

He remanded the accused on bail to appear in court next March, for the hearing of his case.

The charges are under Section 3 of the Non Fatal Offences Against the Person and Section 11 of the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Acts.

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