List of Tax Dodgers, Wonder Are there, any Fianna Fail Fuckers, among them; we will Wait, for the Whole List, Alright Roberto Tray?

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Revenue tax defaulters: Motor dealer tops list with €10m settlement

13th September 2022

A motor dealer in Co Carlow has topped the latest list of tax defaulters after being hit with settlements of more than €10m by the Revenue.

Meridian Motors Ltd of Sleaty Road, which is now in liquidation, was audited by the Revenue Commissioners for the under-declaration of PAYE/PRSI/USC and VAT.

There were two cases listed against the company, with the first settlement being made up of €1.9m in taxes, €1m in interest and €1.9m in penalties.

The second settlement was made up of €2.2m in taxes, €1.3m in taxes and €2.2m in penalties.

As of June 30, the majority of these two settlements remained unpaid.

There were 12 settlement cases published in total worth €12.5m, with 10 being for amounts exceeding €100,000.

An insurance brokerage and consultancy firm at the Omni Park Shopping Centre in Dublin 9 made the third biggest settlement for the under-declaration of VAT.

MTIS Ltd’s settlement of €298,236 included €182,517 in tax, €60,964 in interest and €54,755 in penalties.

A retired builder, an amusement machine provider, a former provider of short-term accommodation and a beauty and hairdressing service were also hit with big settlements.

Nouelle Parrat of Dame Street, Dublin 2, who previously provided short-term accommodation, made a settlement of €209,913 for the under-declaration of income tax and VAT.

Blackrock Leisure limited on the main street in Dundalk, Co Louth, which specialises in the gaming and amusement machine service business, was also investigated for the under-declaration of VAT, making a settlement of just over €90,000.

While a retired builder in Co Offaly was investigated for the non-declaration of income tax.

Sean Doughan of Moneygall, Birr made a settlement of €210,362 including €62,770 in tax, €104,795 in interest and €42,797 in penalties.

The Revenue also pursued 67 cases in the courts, with the total fines imposed amounting to €153,300

Sixteen of the cases related to failure to file a tax return, 18 cases were for excise offences including tobacco smuggling, 22 were over the misuse of market mineral oil, while the rest related to untaxed alcohol for sale, obstruction of a Revenue Officer and failing to keep a vehicle stationary.

Revenue said the published settlements reflect only a portion of all audits and investigations. In the three-month period to 30 June 2022, a total of 287 Revenue audit and investigations, together with 13,983 risk management interventions, were settled, resulting in a yield of €3.5b in tax, interest, and penalties.

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