Man who attacked woman on popular Drogheda walking route is jailed for two months, this Foreigner is highly Dangerous, to Women, more Charges coming, 2 months, for Attacking a Woman, Why so Lenient a fucking Sentence??

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Defendant had been ‘hearing voices’ and experiencing delusional throughs

September 13 2022 06:22 PM

A man who attacked a woman while she walked her dog has been jailed.

The incident occurred on the boardwalk at Oldbridge, Drogheda, last April.

Marcin Jablonski (37), of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault and received a two-month sentence when he appeared in custody before the district court on Monday.

It was stated on behalf of the accused that he had little recollection of what occurred. He had been ‘hearing voices’ and experiencing delusional thoughts

Sgt Laura Blanche presented evidence that on 19 April the woman was walking at Oldbridge when Jablonski ‘jumped out’.

He called her a ‘stupid bitch’, grabbed her by the hair and slapped her on the face.

The defendant also kicked the dog, sending the animal ‘flying’ and ‘seriously injuring’ it.

Solicitor Paul Moore said his client suffered from bipolar disorder. There had been a fitness to plead issue.

He had little recall of the incident. Jablonski instructed that he had been hearing voices and having delusional thoughts for which he was not receiving medication at the time.

Mr Moore continued that it must have been a terrifying experience for the victim.

The defendant had been in custody since June. He received treatment from the services in Cloverhill Prison before being moved to a regular landing where he was doing quite well.

Judge McKiernan said there was nothing appropriate in this case other than a custodial sentence.

‘It’s a sad day if you can’t walk your dog,’ the judge remarked.

A two-month sentence was imposed.

Separately, Mr Jablonski has been sent forward for sentence to the circuit court on signed pleas of guilty in respect of two charges of, on 14 June last at St Peter’s Church, West Steet, stealing the stem, jewels and crucifix from the monstrance to the value of €1,000, and damaging the monstrance belonging to Fr Eugene Sweeney.

The DPP had previously directed a trial on indictment in the matter with consent also to go forward on signed pleas of guilty.

A book of evidence was served on the accused.

He was sent forward in custody with consent to High Court bail to Dundalk Circuit Court on 4 October.

Legal aid was granted for a solicitor and barrister.

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