Women with Axes, making Threats; it is all Happening, in Finglas. Gardai, Earn their Wages out there. Many people in Finglas, are Decent, and hard Working?

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    Axe-wielding smoker set upon cyclist and made threat to kill, court told

    Blanchardstown District Court
    Blanchardstown District Court

    16th September 2022

    A MOTHER-of-two who brandished an axe at a cyclist and threatened to kill her reacted in an extreme way after they had a heated argument, a court has heard. Sarah Donaghy (26) claimed she was living in a bad area at the time and she overreacted because she wanted to make good and sure that everyone knew she was not to be messed with, her solicitor said. Judge Gerard Jones sentenced Donaghy to 14 days in prison. The defendant, of Johnstown House Apartments in Finglas, admitted making threats to kill or cause serious harm to another woman on November 23 last year. Garda Gary Moore told Blanchardstown District Court that the injured party was visiting a friend in the Johnstown House apartment complex and she locked her bike to a nearby railing. Gda Moore said the victim was set upon by Donaghy, who threatened her with a hatchet axe, brandishing it over her head and shouting, “I’m going to f**king kill you” and “get out”. Gda Moore said the victim ran across the road, and Donaghy followed her, causing damage to her mountain bike. The defendant was identified and Donaghy later made admissions to what had happened, the garda added. The court heard that Donaghy had no previous convictions and had never been in trouble before. Defence solicitor Kelly Breen said Donaghy was on the balcony of her apartment having a cigarette when she and the injured party had an exchange of words, which became heated. Ms Breen said things escalated and Donaghy “escalated things to the extreme”. The solicitor said that the area where Donaghy was living had lots of unsavoury characters, and the defendant was making it generally known that if anyone was thinking of attacking her that she was someone who “was not to be messed with”. Ms Breen said Donaghy was a mother of two children, and had spent some time homeless. She had difficulties with drugs in her earlier years but this had not been a problem for some years. Ms Breen said Donaghy was now back in accommodation in Finglas, and was focused on staying out of trouble. The court also heard that Donaghy wished to apologise to the injured party for her behaviour.

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