This funeral is starting to annoy, even millions of “republic” minded English people. The Royal Family are worth over £15 billion. We know all about the antics of Andrew and the payouts to his victims. Yet, we know a lot about King Charlie also especially when Princess Diana was alive, but what really annoys me is, the snobbery of some British gobshites who live in Dublin 4. They have a sense of arrogance and entitlement and they think they can look down on the “Paddy” ie Irish people. Well let me say something this morning; some of these people work in certain areas and make lots of money and their customers can be very shady (especially when you see where their money originates) but there is never any questions asked of these elites. We live in a climate right now of uncertainty with a war near our borders and the winter coming with inflation rising and the 1970’s horror replayed. Recession is looming fast. Yet, the British snobbery and the false accents continue. It is pathetic and in some ways I feel sorry for the Gobshites. We all know now that there is match fixing in football but we also know the dirty secrets in horse racing. Enough said for now.

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May be an image of 8 people and people standing

The king with his best friend sir James Saville

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