‘Norway first!’ Panic as UK’s biggest gas importer facing pressure to cut off supplies. Source: EXPRESS. Daily Briefing

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‘Norway first!’ Panic as UK’s biggest gas importer facing pressure to cut off supplies

Norway is the UK’s primary gas supplier, responsible for about 60 percent of the country’s total demand, according to figures from the Norwegian government.

By Antony Ashkenaz

11:01, Sat, Sep 17, 2022

Government ‘can sort out’ energy cost crisis says expert

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Soaring inflation and energy prices in Norway could lead to growing civil unrest, putting pressure on the government to cut off energy exports to the UK and Europe, Express.co.uk was told. Even though the UK imports very little energy from Russia, the cost of gas and electricity in the UK is at an eye-watering level. This is because both the UK and its major gas supplier Norway, are part of the open market, meaning that prices in the rest of Europe affect the UK.

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While Norway is Britain’s single largest gas supplier, the country is facing growing pressure and civil unrest, which experts warn could lead to the country limiting gas exports to Europe and the UK.

Torbjorn Soltvedt, the principal analyst for consultancy firm Verisk Maplecroft, noted that the drought in Norway this summer could impact Europe’s energy security. 

He told Express.co.uk: “You have European counties trying to reduce their reliance on Russian gas, and as a result of that, Norway has increased its supply of gas to the UK and Europe.

“Norway is one of the countries that had a very dry summer, so water levels are much lower in terms of hydropower, so Norway has had less hydropower, which means that Norway has had to use more of its own gas which in turn means less gas to export.”

'Norway first!' Panic as UK's BIGGEST exporter facing pressure to cut off gas supplies'Norway first!' Panic as UK's BIGGEST exporter facing pressure t

‘Norway first!’ Panic as UK’s BIGGEST exporter facing pressure to cut off gas supplies (Image: Getty)

Norway is Britain's largest supplier of gas

Norway is Britain’s largest supplier of gas (Image: Getty)

A new report published by Maplecroft warned the risks of civil unrest are growing in even the wealthiest countries of Europe, particularly due to the skyrocketing energy bills and cost of living crisis.

These include a broad range of civil unrest, from labour actions and strikes on one end, to more serious forms of unrest like rioting, looting, and even attempts to overthrow the Government.

  • Mr Soltvedt said: “In Norway, what that risk is capturing is more an increase in labour activism. This summer there were various strikes in a lot of sectors in the country. There was a teacher’s strike at the moment, there are rail strikes, and strikes in the aviation sector.

“In countries like Norway when you have very high levels of unionization, there are quite powerful trade unions. When inflation is increasing, you expect more pressure from unions, and you’ll probably expect to see more of that this year.

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