Cocaine is Rampant, all over Ireland and will be for Years, Drugs take in Millions of Euros, and this brings, Corruption, Pay offs, and Dodgy Business Fronts, to launder the Dirty Money; then the Rogue Gardai on the Take? Dublin 4 like Camden Street is one of the biggest outlets for the gangland drug dealing market in the city. Sources inform the blog that certain pubs in the Dublin 4 area deal in drugs on a daily basis but especially weekends. You cannot blame the staff because the Foot Soldiers are very street wide and most deals are done in the public toilets away from the cameras. One bar man told me off the record that one pub in Dublin 4 has dealings in the region of 20,000 euros per day. This indicates how much is being spent and how much is laundered through cocaine dealing. Dealers cannot operate without a market and it is cash only. It will take years for the decent Gardai to stop the scourge of drug taking across Ireland. Nobody has ever published how many deaths all ages from cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin and other synthetic drugs.

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A crazed cartoon cokehead snorting lines of cocaine through a straw - 22309819

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