Shine is not Monitored, He Drives around Dublin Plush South, like a King, No Shame, No Remorse, lives in a Complex, where Parents, are Worried, about their Children? Mass every morning, What a Paedo Bastard? Some Victims, it is Said, took their own Lives? Shine Abused the Trust, of Sister Mary Martin, the head Nun, at Drogheda Hospital?

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Monster doctor Michael Shine who abused over 200 children lived ‘Holy Joe’ life in prison

  • 19:37, 2 Mar 2022
  • Updated: 19:37, 2 Mar 2022

MONSTER doctor Michael Shine lived the life of a ‘Holy Joe’ in prison, ­insiders have revealed.

He carried Rosary beads everywhere with him and would say decades of the Rosary every day.

Disgraced surgeon Michael Shine
Disgraced surgeon Michael ShineCredit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin
The doctor was freed from Midlands Prison last week
The doctor was freed from Midlands Prison last weekCredit: Niall Marshall

The notorious paedophile ­portrayed himself as a devoted man of God even though he had sexually abused over 200 kids.

But the pervert surgeon made no reference to his crimes and in his own mind never accepted he did anything wrong.

The doctor had worked for nuns — the Medical Missionaries of Mary — for most of his life.

The order was founded by Mother Mary Martin and she built Our Lady of Lourdes ­Hospital, in Drogheda, where most of Shine’s abuse took place. The same brilliant nuns built hospitals all over Africa.

Shine, 89, personally knew Mother Mary Martin, a saintly nun, but he shamelessly used her hospital to prey on young boys who were being brought to him for medical treatment.

Some of his victims had been diagnosed with serious illness including cancer.

The doctor was freed from the Midlands Prison last week after serving a four-year jail sentence for sexual abuse. A prison source said: “He had his Rosary beads with him all the time in here.

“Every day he was praying and saying decades of the Rosary. He believed he was a victim and in his own twisted mind never once thought he had done anything wrong.”

Shine plans to move to Tenerife in the Canary Islands where he has a holiday home. At least 112 victims are still legally battling to get compensation for their ordeals.

The doctor preyed on young boys
The doctor preyed on young boysCredit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin

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