Gambling Sadly, brings Misery, to many People, in all, Professions?

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Teacher with gambling debt admits deceiving three SNAs in her school out of over €2,000

21st September 2022

A teacher, who deceived three special needs assistants (SNAs) in her school out of just over €2,000, has been remanded on bail pending sentence.

Dublin District Court heard that Kim Murrin “spiralled out of control”, leading to a €40,000 gambling debt at the time.

Murrin (30), of Ballymcgowan, Letterkenny, Donegal, pleaded guilty to deception to gain sums totalling €2,032 and theft charges before Judge Bryan Smyth commissioned the Probation Service to draft a restorative justice report.

Three charges related to deceiving SNAs, who transferred money electronically via the Revolut service for goods they never received.

It happened at a national school where Murrin worked with them in north Dublin in October and September last year.

She also admitted to stealing €15 worth of fuel from a service station in Dublin around the same time.

Judge Smyth noted she had repaid the victims.

Pleading for leniency, her solicitor told Judge Smyth that Murrin had endured significant hardship.

The court heard there had been three close family bereavements in recent years.

Furthermore, in 2019 two convicted killers on day release broke into her home. The court heard that it lasted 10 minutes but was a “very frightening incident”.

She became addicted to gambling, built up a €40,000 debt, and had not been paid for three months.

The court heard she suffered depression but has sought help for her gambling problem and was working. However, she was “concerned at how quickly her life spiralled out of control”.

The defence pleaded with the court to defer the case and to consider leaving her without a conviction.

The court heard she was remorseful and willing to engage with the Probation Service.

Judge Smyth said he wanted to see what the report said before finalising the case, which resumes in November.

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