Jules Thomas, tells Jim Sheridan, she was Astonished, Bailey, never told Him, of her Being, Arrested, Twice, in 1997, and again in September 2000. Jules, went on to say, it was all about him, Bailey, Nobody Else Mattered? Bailey she said, has always to be, the Central Character?

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Jules Thomas Ian Bailey

She says he told her he was astonished that Ian Bailey never mentioned to him that she was arrested twice by investigating gardaí, once in February 1997 and again in September 2000.

‘It was horrific, their interrogation, and unbelievable how Ian would not have said anything about my two arrests,’ she says.

Jules Thomas confirmed that she had ended her 30-year relationship with Ian Bailey.

‘But that’s so typical of him, he has to be the central character with no thought at all of what I was suffering.

‘I remember when the guards arrested me, I said to them, “I have a family to look after at home, you can’t just take me away”.’

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