This most Tragic Tragedy? is becomimg Darker; Two Innocent Children, Dead, from a Burning Car. Many Questions to be Asked?

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Lynn Egar.

Gardai still waiting to talk to mum over car fire that killed two children

 21st September 2022

The mother of two children killed in a suspicious car fire has not been interviewed by gardaí due to the extent of her injuries. Officers are understood to be ‘anxiously waiting’ to question Lynn Egar, 48, about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of her daughter Thelma, five, and two-year-old son Mikey in Co. Westmeath.

Doctors have not deemed her fit enough to communicate with investigating officers as she is still being treated for injuries, mainly related to smoke inhalation. A source told the Irish Daily Mail: ‘She is still under medical supervision and has not been questioned yet. While her physical burns are not as serious as it once appeared, she has some internal injuries from smoke inhalation.

‘A lot toxins come out of cars once they are set alight which may result in serious injuries.’ It is understood Ms Egar is making good progress and gardaí hope to be allowed to interview her in the coming days.

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Mikey and Thelma Dennany were killed in the blaze on an isolated road near the village of Multyfarnham on September 9. Ms Egar was pulled from the vehicle by a passerby and remains in a hospital in Dublin. It is believed Thelma – who would have celebrated her sixth birthday next month – had died by the time of the attempted rescue, while Mikey was taken to Mullingar Hospital where he died a short time later.

Last week Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said: ‘This is now a crime investigation, we’re investigating this as suspicious circumstances around these deaths and we’re regarding it now as a crime investigation. ‘In particular, we are looking at the moments of the mother-of-four in the hours before the blaze.

It was later revealed Ms Egar sent a text message just moments before the vehicle was engulfed in flames. Her two other teenage children – a boy and a girl – were not involved in the incident. It is understood gardaí are not looking for any suspects in the course of their investigation.

It was also recently revealed that Ms Egar was brutally attacked by two drug dealers while she was pregnant with Michael. A friend said she suffered serious injuries to her back in the incident, which occurred while she was working in a garage in Longford.


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