COVID-19 resulted in remote working but this crisis has created another gem ie The Gym & cut down on gas in the home…creativity at its best, if people think outside the box, there are solutions

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Household saves £325 a month on ‘catastrophic’ winter energy bills with ‘lifestyle hack’

THE housemates’ energy bills are set to more than double going into the winter months but they have found a way to keep their costs roughly the same as they are now.

By Nicholas Dawson

07:20, Wed, Sep 21, 2022 | UPDATED: 07:23, Wed, Sep 21, 2022

Energy bills: Martin Lewis discusses standing charges

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Rosie Macdonald lives with her partner Nick in a small, semi-detached property in Leeds, which they own, and they also rent out a room to their friend, Katie. They both work from home and over the summer had average monthly gas and electricity bills of £151.75 a month, which are poised to vastly increase over the coming months when they turn the heating on.

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They fixed their daily standing charge with British Gas in July, with their current unit rate at 36p per KWh for electricity and 10.4p per KWh for gas.

If they run their radiators for six hours a day, this adds up to a “catastrophic” figure of £299.60 to 374.50 a month, just for the five days of the working week.

But the savvy housemates will be avoiding the bulk of the extra costs, by switching their workplace to the local gym.

Rosie has become a member of their local Bannatyne Health Club, in Cardigan Fields, founded by Dragon’s Den star, Duncan Bannatyne.

For her £50 membership, she gets access to a large work space and cafe, which her partner can also use, as well as the gym’s fitness classes and spa.

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