Another Sex Pervert, Exposed? A man with 40 years,Public Service?

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Pictured: Pervert (66) who avoided jail after exposing his penis to masseuse

Bernard McNally only dodged prison due to 40 years of “public service”

Bernard McNally hid after being confronted
Bernard McNally hid after being confronted
Bernard McNally avoided jail after exposing himself to a masseuse
Bernard McNally avoided jail after exposing himself to a masseuse

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A pervert who avoided jail after exposing himself to a professional masseuse tried to lie about his identity and hid in his garden when approached by our reporter.

Coleraine creep Bernard McNally was spared jail last week over the offence and ordered to complete an 18-month probation programme.

The 66-year-old only dodged prison due to 40 years of “public service” with District Judge Des Perry telling him it was “the only redeeming feature of this case.”

McNally, of Greenmount Road, Coleraine, was sentenced last Friday following a brief contest earlier this year during which he was convicted of intentionally exposing his genitals on June 4, 2021.

When we went to confront McNally about his behaviour our reporter witnessed him hiding from the postman, and two other visitors who knocked on the door, in his front room.

When the deviant emerged into his front garden he denied being Bernard McNally when challenged by our man.

He said he was “just looking for somebody” before scurrying back into his garden and then refusing to come to the front door.

Summarising the case last Friday prosecutors detailed how during his first appointment with the female professional masseuse in May last year he said “it could make you horny” or something similar during the massage.

“She found that comment unusual but continued and at 3pm the defendant left,” a prosecutor told the court.

A few weeks later on June 3, 2021, McNally contacted the lady again and made an appointment for the following day.

Bernard McNally hid after being confronted
Bernard McNally hid after being confronted

Problems arose before the actual massage began with McNally “disrobing in front of her in that he didn’t allow her time to leave him in the treatment room” to get ready.

Once the session began McNally “gradually moved the towel lower and further down and he kept saying he was too warm,” the court heard.

“She saw that he was becoming aroused and eventually he moved the towel down to expose his penis and he massaged (himself)… at this stage she threw a towel over it and continued the treatment.”

At one stage McNally told her “when you are massaging my belly I feel myself become horny but I’m sure you’re used to that” with her bluntly retorting “not particularly no.”

When McNally contacted her again in August for another massage she challenged him about the incident and he apologised for upsetting her, the court was told.

Defence counsel Alan Stewart said McNally “absolutely understands and accepts” it had been distressing for the victim, adding it is a “source of great embarrassment and shame for him.”

As a man with 40 years of public service and a clear record, the barrister said the conviction is an “extreme blight on his record…and he will have to deal with the consequences moving forward.”

Judge Perry said the best way McNally could have approached the case “would have been his contrite admission of wrong doing” but instead he fought the case even though there had been an exchange of texts where the creep apologised for his behaviour.

The defence conceded the messages had “made the contest very difficult” revealing that McNally had sent her numerous texts including: “I’m very sorry you feel like that…please accept my apologies…I can only apologise to you unconditionally.”

In addition to an 18 month probation order DJ Perry told McNally he must sign the Sex Offenders Register for the next five years and also adhere to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order for the same period.

The judge told McNally he had considered making a compensation order but concluded it “would be inappropriate because I imagine she wants to put this behind her completely.

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