Open Weed Market, and the Gardai, were Clueless, wonder how many Cops, went home High?

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Dealers and users turn Dublin venue into ‘Ireland’s first cannabis market’

Organisers brought out a 4ft “weed cannon” — a leaf blower that was turned into a giant bong

Martin Condon said there will be two more events planned for Dublin and Cork
Martin Condon said there will be two more events planned for Dublin and Cork
The leaf blower
The leaf blower

Alan SherrySunday World

10th October 2022

Cannabis dealers and users turned a Dublin venue into what they described as “Ireland’s first indoor cannabis market and social lounge” where drugs were openly sold.

Ten suppliers set up stalls at the event and openly sold a host of illegal products including weed and hash, edible cannabis products such as jellies and chocolates, oils and cannabis- infused lemonade.

There was also a tea and coffee stand but attendees said that was “just normal tea and coffee”.

The venue was divided into two sections. Downstairs there was a “market” where various suppliers had their own stands along with menus showing what different strains of the drug they had and price lists accompanying them.

Upstairs was a lounge area where smokers sat around getting stoned and listening to music.

Around 200 people attended the invite-only event at a secret location in Dublin at the end of last month.

The leaf blower
The leaf blower

    Cannabis campaigner Martin Condon, who helped promote the event which was organised by the Major Group for Cannabis Reform, told the Sunday World there was probably around €100,000 worth of the drug at the event.

    Despite the strong smell of the drug alerting a nearby restaurant and Martin livestreaming from the event, gardai were unaware it was taking place and didn’t raid the venue.

    “It would have been quite a significant haul to be fair. The lads downstairs [the sellers] had a nice bit on offer but upstairs, while a lot of people came to buy stuff, they came with stuff already with them.

    “Between the almost 200 people who were there I’d say you had over €100,000 worth, maybe more.”

    The Dublin-based Major Group for Cannabis Reform is planning another event around November time, while Martin, who is from Cork, is planning to organise a similar event in Cork before Christmas.

    During the event, organisers brought out a 4ft “weed cannon” — a leaf blower that was turned into a giant bong — and filled the entire room with cannabis smoke.

    “The weed canon was a little finisher for the end of the day as we were winding down to finish off with that,” Martin said.

    “I think it was a Black and Decker leaf blower and they have an attachment on the back where something else is supposed to go and there’s a metal cone and it effectively acts like a big bong.”

    In a live recording he made of the weed cannon being used, a person can be seen running for the emergency exit to get away from all the smoke.

    “It’s more novelty than anything. It was a bit over the top, to be fair,” Martin said.


    While gardai were unaware the event was taking place, staff at a restaurant near the venue became aware what was happening after smelling so much weed wafting through the air.

    “They could smell our presence. For the first few hours we had the windows open before the leaf blower came out.

    “Once we got word there was a bit of a smell drifting down to a nearby restaurant, we closed the window and there was no more complaints from that place.”

    Most of the drugs on offer at the event, which lasted around six hours, were imported.

    “The only criticism I had was that a lot of the stuff on offer would have been imported. Even the distillate would have been all brought in from overseas and they use that to make the edibles.”

    Martin said the event was not linked to large organised crime groups.

    “A lot of the cannabis coming in was imported but we gave people the opportunity not to be buying from some of the larger organised crime groups out there and buying from smaller people who might have just been buying stuff for themselves and just selling a little bit extra to cover the cost of their own stuff.

    “There was no large organised crime groups associated with our events and we intend to keep it that way because we’re not really supportive of them.”

    He said he will encourage people who grow their own to sell it and host a competition to decide the best product similar at the event in Cork in December.

    Martin has been behind several high profile incidents of what he describes as civil disobedience as part of his campaign to decriminalise cannabis.

    He is currently appealing a two-month custodial sentence handed down at Waterford District Court in July after he walked into a garda station with a joint in protest over gardai targeting the ReLeaf CBD café in Dungarvan.

    Martin also planted cannabis plants in various public locations, including outside garda stations and TD’s offices, last year as part of his campaign.

    He is due before Cork District Court in relation to an incident last year where he walked into Anglesea Street Garda Station with a cannabis seedling and 10 wraps of CBD cannabis flower and handed them to a garda, telling him he was in possession of the items.

    “I was trying to push the envelope a bit and see if they’d do me for sale or supply. I was saying there’s 10 there for all of the guards.

    “I didn’t get done for supply.

    “They did me for possession of cannabis and possession of a cannabis plant.”

    He said he doesn’t want to go to jail and if he does he is considering going on hunger strike.

    Martin said the criminalisation of cannabis users is a waste of garda resources and of the entire justice system.

    He has previously spent five days in prison after being convicted of cannabis possession and refusing to pay a fine.

    Martin said his only conviction relates to cannabis possession.

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