Shame Shame Shame and it applies to the Tyrant Putin and His new General, who several years ago, ordered the blanket bombing of cities in Syria.

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The Spectator  @spectator  11th October 2022

The illussion of the Russian president’s power is being shattered.  Putin’s acolytes are boxing him in.

Anna Arutunyan

No moral code; just a tyrant, mercilessly release of revenge power on the people of Ukraine yesterday, he can never wash the blood from his hands now. People forget too easily what he organised and carried through for Assad in Syria.

Free Syria Media Hub  @Free_Media_Hub  10th October 2022

Did you ever sit and wonder about Syria and think to yourslef why don’t they help these people.

Fred adds:  Putins new appointment General responsible for blanket bombing of Syria several years ago.

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