This Foreigner, Pyzowski, has 70 Previous Convictions, Jailed, but Why not, Deportation?

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Thief who stole church donation cash had lock-slipping implements

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October 10 2022 07:54 AM

A MAN who stole money from a church donation box has been jailed for nine months.

Bogdan Pyzowski (43) was twice seen taking unknown sums of cash in envelopes from the box at a south Dublin church.

He was later found in possession of lock-slipping instruments in another arrest.

Judge John Hughes sentenced him when he appeared in Dublin District Court.

Pyzowski, a father-of-one of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft

Dublin District Court heard the incidents happened at the Church of the Assumption, Booterstown Avenue, Blackrock in January, 2020.

It was reported to gardaí that money had been stolen from a donation box on January 2.

A man was seen entering the church and taking money from the box.

This happened again days later on January 11 when the accused was seen “using an instrument” to take notes out of the sealed box. The amount taken was unknown and it was not recovered, the court heard.

Separately, the court heard gardaí were on duty at 8.30am on April 24, 2020, when they were called to Longboat Quay apartments in the docklands, where the accused was trespassing and acting aggressively toward residents.

Gardaí found him on the stairway and escorted him out.

He was found in possession of items to assist in gaining entry to buildings and slip locks, a garda sergeant told the court.

Pyzowski had 66 previous convictions for offences including theft and trespassing.

The accused moved to Ireland in 2005 but his family were still in Poland, his barrister Lydia Daly said.

He had a work history including a warehouse job which he had for six years, the court heard. Pyzowski was on medication for depression.

He was already in custody for another offence when he appeared in court on the latest charges.

Ms Daly said the accused was “doing well in custody” and asked the judge to take account of his guilty plea.

Judge Hughes said he was taking on board the plea, previous convictions, and aggravating and mitigating factors.

He said the appropriate sentence for the Longboat Quay incident was nine months and took the others into consideration.

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