Women need Protection, Drugs being used, people out of their heads, but the Assault was Horrific. Judge Former Garda Nolan, has no Pattern, to his Sentences, for years now? Nolan Stated, it would be Unjust, to Imprison Brennan?

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Dublin man who stood on partner’s neck and said he was going to kill her avoids jail

Andrew Brennan (41) left the woman with significant bruising, two black eyes and damaged teeth in the wake of the ‘savage’ attack

Andrew Brennan (41)
Andrew Brennan (41)

Isabel HayesSunday World

13th October 2022

A man who punched and kicked his ex-partner in a “savage” attack before standing on her neck and telling her he was going to kill her has received a fully suspended prison sentence.

Andrew Brennan (41) left the woman with significant bruising, two black eyes and damaged teeth in the wake of the attack, which took place after a 24-hour-long drink and drugs binge, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard.

Brennan, with an address at Castlecurragh Vale, Mulhuddart, Dublin, pleaded guilty to one count of assault causing harm and one count of threatening to kill the woman at an address in Tyrellstown, Dublin on May 6, 2021. He has no previous convictions.

Sentencing him on Wednesday, Judge Martin Nolan said this was a “savage attack” and that Brennan’s actions were disgraceful. He said that he could accept that it was unlikely that Brennan will reoffend to this degree in the future.

“They were drinking and taking illicit drugs together. Attacking a woman is a serious matter but I have to take into account the background to the case,” he said, before concluding that “it would be unjust to imprison him”.

Andrew Brennan (41)
Andrew Brennan (41)

He ordered that Brennan must collect a sum of €2,500 to be passed on to the victim or to a charity. He said that the compensation is to help the injured party a little bit and to punish the offender.

Garda Adam Kernan told Emmet Nolan BL, prosecuting, that Brennan and his former partner previously met up and socialised occasionally. On the night in question, the pair had been drinking and taking cocaine over a 24 hour period.

They were sitting in a car in Tyrellstown when they started arguing, the court heard. Brennan then slapped and punched the woman in the face, before dragging her out of the car by the hair. He kicked her repeatedly as she lay on the ground and then stood on her neck for about one minute.

During this time the woman was struggling to breathe and Brennan told her: “I’m going to fucking kill you,” the court heard. He then got back in the car and drove off, leaving her on the ground.

The court heard the woman incurred €600 in medical expenses in the wake of the attack. She suffers from nightmares and flashbacks.

Jennifer Jackson BL, defending, told the court the pair had a toxic relationship in which they met for alcohol and drug binges. She said it was a “unique situation” in which they had both been drinking alcohol and taking cocaine for about 24 hours leading up to the assault.

Brennan’s recollection of the events that night were “hazy”, the court heard.

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