Shine, the Convicted Paedophile, may have Abused over, 400 Victims, over a 35 Years Period, is being Seen, Walking pass Schools, and Parks, in South Dublin? Parents Write expressing concern. Shine, when a Doctor at Drogheda Hospital, would Carry, Duck Tape, and one little boy, was Taped down in his bed, and Abused. Shocking and Horrific, also, Shine is a Former Director of apartment complex where he lives. Shine also, bullied a young woman, out of her Apartment? He comes out of Jail, eight Months ago, and Collects three years’ of his Pensions, 375, 000 approx. euros; Beggars Logic, Drives around daily in his Mercedes, No Remorse, No Guilt, and Blames the Children, now Adults, Who he Abused? Then he has his Art Collection, one of the Eviction, in the National Art Museum, worth a Half a Million. Shameless and Evil?

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Disgraced surgeon Michael Shine

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