Words of Wisdom Marc, Stay the Fuck out, of a Dying Party, Martin, is a Lame Duck, ask for Charlie McConalogue, a Total Gobshite?

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Rebel TD Marc MacSharry returning to Fianna Fáil fold after heated call with Taoiseach Micheál Martin

 14th October 2022

The decision to readmit Marc MacSharry to Fianna Fáil followed a heated conversation between the rebel TD and Taoiseach Micheál Martin.

Long-time political foes, they clashed during a tense phone call ahead of Fianna Fáíl’s parliamentary party meeting on Wednesday.

The Taoiseach phoned the Sligo-Leitrim TD to discuss a proposal for him to rejoin the parliamentary party after he resigned last year when he could not vote confidence in Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney.

Mr Martin called the self-exiled TD to ask him about returning to the party and discuss comments he made in his resignation letter in which he described the Fianna Fáil leader as a “totalitarian”.

There was a significant disagreement between the two politicians during the call over whether Mr MacSharry should have to apply to rejoin the parliamentary party.

He highlighted several other incidents in which Fianna Fáil TDs resigned the party whip and returned without having to reapply.

He also pointed out he had not resigned from Fianna Fáil, despite stepping away from the parliamentary party in the wake of the Department of Foreign Affairs’ “champagne party” controversy that resulted in the Sinn Féin motion of no-confidence in Mr Coveney.

The Taoiseach raised concerns about some of the criticisms Mr MacSharry has made about his leadership.

Mr MacSharry said he was entitled to hold his own opinions on how Fianna Fáil is run, given his long service to the party.

After the conversation, the Taoiseach addressed the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party in Leinster House.

Mr Martin told the meeting Government Chief Whip Jack Chambers will put down a motion next week proposing Mr MacSharry return to the party, which was accepted by the Fianna Fáil members who proposed the outspoken TD’s return.

Mr MacSharry was not at the weekly meeting, but is expected to return next Wednesday.

Laois-Offaly TD Barry Cowen and senator Diarmuid Wilson proposed accepting Mr MacSharry back into the party at a meeting the previous week.

There was some resistance to the proposal from Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue, who raised questions about Mr MacSharry’s criticism of the party.

Mr MacSharry has been a long-time critic of Mr Martin’s leadership and regularly clashed with him at party meetings.

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