If these Allegations are Factual, this Foreigner, is a Nasty piece of work, and if found Guilty, Deserves a Jail Sentence, but the Courts, must Decide, his Guilt?

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Man (19) beat teen and robbed his Canada Goose jacket on Luas line court hears

It was alleged both parties attempted to walk away with the jacket without any money being exchanged.

Canada Goose Logo. Library image
Canada Goose Logo. Library image

Andrew PhelanIndependent.ie

16th October 2022

A young man arranged to meet another teenager through a mobile app to buy a designer jacket, then beat him and robbed him of it, it is alleged.

Brandon Lulendo (19) also allegedly stood on the teen’s mother’s glasses, breaking them during the struggle over the jacket on Luas lines in central Dublin.

The case was adjourned at Dublin District Court for Mr Lulendo to consider how he intends to plead.

The accused, of Richmond Road, Drumcondra, is charged with robbery, assault and criminal damage.

The prosecuting garda told the court the accused had previously been charged with attempted robbery. However, that charge was withdrawn by the State and the new counts were instead brought against him.

Mr Lulendo made no reply after caution and was handed copies of the charge sheets. The Director of Public Prosecutions consented to the case being dealt with at district court level subject to the issue of jurisdiction being considered.

Outlining the prosecution’s case, the garda said the accused arranged to meet the alleged victim via a mobile phone app to purchase a Canada Goose jacket from him.

The victim, who was aged 18, went to the arranged meeting point at George’s Dock with his mother.

At the meeting, it was alleged both parties attempted to walk away with the jacket without any money being exchanged.

It was alleged the accused punched the other teen a number of times in the head and took the jacket.

There was a struggle on the Luas line as the alleged victim tried to retrieve his jacket and the accused punched him one more time before leaving the scene.

The damage charge related to the alleged victim’s mother’s glasses which were stood on during the incident, the garda said.

The jacket was worth €900 but there was no valuation on the damage to the glasses. Judge Bryan Smyth accepted jurisdiction for the case to remain in the district court.

He extended bail to the new charges and ordered disclosure of prosecution evidence to the defence, to include a copy of the accused’s garda interview video, and any CCTV footage.

The case was adjourned to November 8.

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