Major Boxing Clean Up, and Kinahan, becoming a Lonely Figure; Sanctions are Working, Posse will Catch up?

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Boxing company to ‘clean up’ sports image in Dubai after Daniel Kinahan ‘tarnished boxings reputation’

“We have to clean up the tarnished image of Dubai boxing and start afresh.”

Daniel Kinahan
Daniel Kinahan

16th October 2022

The CEO of boxing company Global Titans has said he wants to “clean up” the sport’s image in Dubai after Daniel Kinahan tarnished boxing’s reputation in the region.

Uday Singh, of Global Titans, is set to hold a marquee exhibition featuring Floyd Mayweather in the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai this November.

Speaking about Kinahan’s impact on the sport, Singh told Insider: “We kept that in mind and said we have to clean up the tarnished image of Dubai boxing and start afresh.”

He added that the Cartel boss has “not at all” had any involvement with his company or the upcoming event.

In September, after sports management company Matchroom announced the first fight of its new ‘Champion’s Series’ in the Middle East, prominent US boxing writer Al Dawson said not all boxing in the region has to be “Daniel Kinahan related.”

“In April, the UAE issued ‘strict sanctions’ on the suspected narco-terrorist,” he shared on Twitter.

“Matchroom’s announcement is with DCT – a government body.”

“It’s likelier that Matchroom is following UFC’s lead in Abu Dhabi.”

“DCT, for instance, was instrumental in building, retaining and adjusting the Fight Island concept throughout the pandemic,” he continued.

“They were uninterested in standalone boxing matches and instead pointed to Abu Dhabi’s activations in Jiu Jitsu and MMA for the growth they like to harness.”

“Matchroom’s announcement is for a ‘champion’s series’ and hints at the type of activation Abu Dhabi likes – an ongoing partnership rather than a stand-alone Fury vs Joshua type bout.”

Kinahan was an up-and-coming figure in the boxing world, having connections such as Tyson Fury, Bob Arum and Billy Joe Saunders, none of whom are involved in criminality.

In 2020, Top Rank boss Bob Arum called for Kinahan to be entrusted with finding a Middle East location for a potential unification showdown between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Speaking in May of that year, Arum, a vastly experienced lawyer who once worked for President John F Kennedy’s administration, said: “We have great confidence in Dan. He is in effect our adviser regarding the Middle East.”

“He is living there and has very, very good connections so we early on ceded to Dan the authority to explore opportunities in the Mideast on behalf of Top Rank.”

“That is what Dan is looking into because everyone trusts Dan with handling that situation whether it’s Eddie, Frank or myself,” he continued.

“Dan is like the captain when it comes to the practicalities of doing a fight in the Middle East. He is one of my favourite guys. No-nonsense, whose word is his bond.”

In April, at a press conference held in Dublin, the US Department of State announced a $5 million reward in return for key information leading to the dismantlement of the Kinahan OCG.

The announcement left Kinahan’s reputation and boxing empire in tatters.

Days later, MTK Global, the boxing promotions company founded by Daniel Kinahan in 2012, ceased operations.

In a statement issued the company said it had made the difficult decision due to “unprecedented levels of unfair scrutiny and criticism”.

It is believed that Kinahan, and his father Christopher Snr and brother Christopher Jnr are currently hiding out in Dubai.

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