Very Fishy Vans, in Ballsbriggan, Any Vinegar; a bit Harsh, 3 months Jail?

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Woman who used stolen generator to power chip van at Dublin market is jailed

The defendant had claimed one of her staff had bought it earlier in the day for €300.

Chipper van. Stock image
Chipper van. Stock image15th
  • 15th October 2022

A 52-year-old woman who used a stolen generator to run a chip van at Balbriggan market has been jailed for three months.

Gabriella Toroczcoi admitted having the 700W generator in her possession when gardaí visited the market.

She claimed it had been purchased by one of her employees earlier that day for €300 after their generator broke down .

The defendant, of Blackthorn Hill Close, Rathcoole, County Dublin, pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property on May 15th this year.

The court presenter said gardaí attended Balbriggan Sunday Market at 10am on May 15th this year after receiving reports that a generator had been stolen on May 7.

At the market gardaí observed a generator which matched a picture of the stolen one being used at a food van.

They spoke to the defendant who told them one of her staff had bought it earlier in the day for €300.

The court presenter said the generator involved, a 700w Senci power generator, was worth €2,600 and Toroczcoi accepted this was its true value when it was put to her by gardaí.

Defence solicitor Siobhan McNeilis said the accused now works part-time in a different food van for her aunt.

She said on the date in question, while in the process of working in the food van, the generator broken down and after making enquiries if there would be one to buy someone offered them a generator for €350.

The solicitor said the sale then took place, although there was no receipt for it.

Toroczcoi had been “very naive” on the day, Ms McNeilis added.

She said the generator was in full view on the date in question when gardaí visited with full identification marks on it and there was no deliberate attempt to hide or obscure it.

Toroczcoi has no previous convictions, was co-operative with gardaí and made admissions, the solicitor said, adding the defendant occasionally works in security and was asking the court to leave her without a conviction if possible.

Judge Dermot Dempsey said the defendant expected the court to believe her “tall story” that a generator just happened to be for sale the day hers broke down.

He said Toroczcoi was “not being honest” and imposed a three month prison sentence.

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