Dean, well Done, We got the Keys, now Bye Bye?

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Gangster Dean Russell finally hands over home to CAB after legal battle

It brings an end to the marathon legal battle that began in 2011

Dean Russell
Dean Russell — © CollinsPhotoAgency

16th October 2022

Gangster Dean Russell has finally handed over his family home after a decade-long battle with the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB).

Earlier this year, he faced being sent to prison for failing to move out of the four-bed family home he bought in 1995 with the proceeds of crime.

Russell had told CAB he’d leave in June but then changed it to October 1, prompting the Bureau to go back to the High Court for an order to take possession of the house.

In the end, the keys were handed over at the start of the month, giving CAB control of the house at Riverside Park in Clonshaugh, north Dublin.

It brings an end to the marathon legal battle that began in 2011 in which Russell defended himself in the High Court for most of the hearings.

He lost an appeal in 2020 to overturn the original €400,000 CAB judgement against him and was then refused permission to bring his case to the Supreme Court.

During his appeal case which focused on his Clonshaugh house, originally bought for €53,000, Russell said it was still the home for his family, including four adults.

The case was first entered into the courts in 2011 and in 2014 a senior CAB officer told the High Court that Russell had 12 previous convictions, including one relating to a post office robbery in 1991.

The original case also included an apartment in Santry, Dublin and another in Malaga, Spain.

During the case, details of Russell’s criminal links were made known to the court, including how the convicted robber has been the target of two assassination attempts and had been linked to gang feuds in Coolock and north inner-city Dublin.

He associated with known criminals and was involved in gangland feuds in Coolock and the north inner city, according to a CAB officer.

After assessing all his finances CAB said 61% of some €356,000 lodged to his various accounts came from unknown sources.

Cash payments were made to his credit card, including IR£13,500 in 1998 and €10,000 in 2009, from an unidentified source.

No credible evidence was provided in relation to the window cleaning, taxi or furniture businesses he claimed to have run.

Russell had claimed he paid the mortgage on his home in Clonshaugh, north Dublin, from the proceeds of his own labour.

Dean Russell
Dean Russell

He denied he was a “major criminal” and said he worked all his life, including cleaning windows, selling furniture and running a taxi business.


The judge ruling in favour of CAB said Russell had access to “very significant amounts of funds… quite in excess of any funds generated by legitimate activities he was involved in”.

Dean Russell’s life was saved by armed gardaí in May 2015, when major criminals Paul Zambra and Anthony ‘The Giant’ Callaghan were caught on their way to kill him.

Russell’s slain brother, Anthony, was a close associate of paedophile gang boss Christy Griffin and was heavily involved in the deadly north inner-city feud.

Russell told the Sunday World in 2015 said that people have an impression he’s a “multi-millionaire gangster”, but that isn’t the case.

“The houses are all repossessed, other than the family home I’m living in for 20 years. I have had dealings with CAB, but that’s over stuff going back years.”

Gardaí previously foiled another hit attempt on Russell’s life in January 2009

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