Innocent People, being Targeted, this is Wrong, and Scary, Gardai must Protect, these people, at all Costs, the Monk Hutch Trial, Starts, this Week?

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Close female relative of Jonathan Dowdall becomes third member of family placed on mob hit list

  • 8:00, 16 Oct 2022

A CLOSE female relative of Jonathan Dowdall is the third member of his family placed on a mob hit list.

Gardai received intelligence of a “severe” threat to the woman last week.

Jonathan Dowdall
Jonathan Dowdall

But when officers called to her house last week to deliver the ‘Garda Information Message’ form the woman was not at home.

It’s believed she is currently out of the country. And when she returns home she will be officially notified of the threat and urged to take precautions to keep safe.

Dowdall, 44, has agreed to testify against Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch at his trial for the murder of David Byrne, 34, at Dublin’s Regency Hotel.

The latest threat has been condemned by former Lord Mayor and Independent councillor Nial Ring.

He said: “Why can’t these innocent people be left alone?”

He added: “The people who have been threatened have no involvement in crime whatsoever and this should not be happening.

“It’s extremely disappointing to hear that another relative has been threatened in this way.”

We previously revealed how two other male relatives of former Sinn Fein councillor Dowdall have also received official GIM forms.

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