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Hand crafted mostly in the Republic, as it is styled, and the polity directly to the north-east…

Sunday and Other Media Stupid Statements from this Week… 

October 16, 2022

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Sinn Féin has been launching legal cases against not only media organs, but also political opponents, for a decade. It fights a novel type of warfare. It has used the Law Library as a weapon in its political operations.

But what actual proof is there for that as a systemic approach?

Anne Harris in the IT writes:

Why did the Tory party choose as leader the charisma-deficient Liz Truss who, one month into the job, is the most unpopular prime minister in recent history?

Why did King Charles allow himself to be complicit in an unfitting jibe at the DUP leader when he greeted Michelle O’Neill on one of his first duties as monarch?

Why did Netflix think its travesty of the life of Marilyn Monroe would boost its declining numbers?

Because, apparently, the western world is still transfixed by all things blonde: the Netflix title

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