Reflection for the Day, a Message for Mary Lou, from the Sinn Fein, Grass Roots, and Bobby Sands, from Beyond the Grave; Never be Ashamed of our History? From Flight of the Earls, To War of Indendence, to Hunger Strikers, to the Present, Not forgetting the Famine. As Joe Brolly said, on his Tweet, “next, We will have to, Apologise, to the Brits, for the Famine, for Starving Ourselves? People should know, Joe’s, Father, Patsy Brolly, is a Founding member of Aontu. Sinn Fein, will Split in Half shortly, Sands Did not Die, for Free Range Abortion, Mary Lou, a Riddle is Right?

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        date 15th October 1995 Seamus Heaney wins the Nobel Prize for
        literature LORG KONGOTIEN IRELAND מא IRELA "Be advised my
        passport's green. No glass of ours was ever raised to toast the
        Queen" Seamus HeaHey 13th April 1939- 30th August 2013‎'‎‎

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