Homelessness Ireland. This is most disturbing. A father who has two autistic children and his wife have no home. Why? Government are failing in their job…the potential homes exist, just look to the dereliction/wasted properties in our country. Wanton waste of food, housing is in fact “theft” from the poor

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Frank O’Connor


So this is the country we have become The home of a broken social contract We have 180k+ vacant & derelict houses while tens of thousands of people like


& his family struggle without a home Where’s the humanity? Its a fu*king disgrace #DerelictIreland #HousingCrisis

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TÉ One



Oct 17

”We are living day-to-day” – Graham King Graham King has been living in a tent for 52 days with his wife and two children because they can’t find somewhere to live. Tune in to #MondayNightLive on RTÉ One now. #housingcrisis

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