Almost 40,000 euros Cash, gone, out of the Country, and the Non National, Avoids a Conviction, Why? Andreas knew Exactly what he was Doing? Money Laundering, is Vital to Gangland?

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Teenage money launderer avoids a conviction – 

20th October 2022

A PERSONAL trainer who let his bank account be used to launder €31,000 in crime proceeds has avoided a conviction after he completed the restorative justice programme.

Andreas Clemenger (19) handed over his bank details to a man who contacted him on social media and asked him if he wanted to make “some extra money”.

Judge John Brennan heard that Mr Clemenger had donated €100 to Barnardos and had successfully completed the restorative justice programme.

Mr Clemenger, with an address at Abbeydale Gardens, The Oaks in Lucan, had admitted money laundering by concealing the movement of the proceeds of crime at AIB, Main Street, Lucan on January 22, 2021.

Blanchardstown District Court had heard that €31,496 was credited to the defendant’s bank account and was taken out over six days and transferred to banks outside the jurisdiction.

The defendant got €200 to let the man use his account.

His defence asked the judge to give him a chance, saying he was a young man who had never been in trouble before.

Mr Clemenger was also a talented boxer and was completing a personal trainer course.

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