Bailey the Englisman, is Back in the Media, He now Claims, he is Lying Low, in fear of Threats, hope all goes well for Bailey. Everyone, is Entitled to feel Safe?

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Ian Bailey keeping new address secret for fear of reprisals over Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s murder

20th October 2022

Ian Bailey is keeping his new address secret for fear of reprisals over Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s murder.

The self-confessed prime suspect said he is being “cautious” and taking a number of threats against him seriously while the Garda cold case review of the case progresses.

The 64-year-old Englishman, who is adamant he is innocent and is currently making a new podcast on the Sophie story, said: ”I am not living in fear but I am just being careful.

“I was warned over a year ago by the Gardai that there was a threat against me and my life could be in danger.

“I was also stalked by some mad guy on Twitter so I have to watch out for my own personal security.

“I have moved home twice since I split up with my ex-partner Jules and I am keeping it quiet where I am living. I still go where I want and do what I want. But it is no-one’s business where I live.”

The journalist and poet is still residing in County Cork but is no longer in the Schull area where the shocking murder happened over Christmas 1996.

Relations between Bailey and some people in Schull have become strained as locals took sides in the case.

However, he still goes to the local market to sell his poetry books and said he will not be bullied or intimidated by anyone.

Detectives re-investigating the murder have not actually made contact with Ian Bailey yet.

He said: “The Gardai officially informed me of the cold case review but they have not got in touch on the ground here to arrange an interview.

“I am innocent and will cooperate with them fully, I have absolutely nothing to hide.

“I want to see the killer caught and Sophie’s family getting justice but I did not kill her.

“I have suffered for over a quarter of a century because of this case and it has seriously affected my life.

Undated family handout photo of Sophie Toscan du Plantier© PA

“I know the Gardai have once again been interviewing people locally but that is what I would expect them to do. I suspect I will be one of the last to be interviewed. We will just have to wait and see.”

Bailey is making a four part one hour podcast on the case which he is writing and producing himself.

He also said he is now on Tik Tok and is getting a lot of support from young people in the Bantry area.

French beauty Sophie, 37, a film producer, was battered to death with a rock in a frenzied attack just 100 yards from her front door of west Cork holiday home.

The case shocked the nation and the Government has backed her French family’s campaign to get justice for her.

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